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Ever pondered on the possibility of a long weekend in France, enjoying the delights
of rural France and taking in the fresh air on a carefully arranged and mapped cycle
tour of a region ?   At the close of each day, you will rest in a comfortable and vetted
chateau or hotel, which following a day in the saddle is always very welcome.

In South West France for example,  there are quite a lot of chateaux - around 146 in
the department of the 'Gers' alone!   Although some of these buildings are in fact no
longer of habitable condition, many are.   Again, some are occupied by those lucky
individuals who are able to cope with the considerable running costs of these monoliths
which, believe you me are quite something !  Despite this, plenty of other chateaux are
available, and it is always a pleasure to pass a night in these interesting and delightful
places along with the undoubted ambience they provide.

With extra quiet roads and the knowledge that most french people are at ease and
aware of cyclists on the roads ( most of them are cyclists too ) - this is a truly great
way to sample the delights of the french countryside, and then pop back home again.

Indeed, with the TGV rail network and it's good links to the South West of France you
can travel for example  to Bordeaux or Agen with your  own bike as well.  A better option
is to hire a bike via the facilities of a professional tour operator in your selected region.
Flights will of course be available to transfer you to the start of your tour, but
bear in mind that the taxi transfer to and from your hotel may be quite a distance  from
the airport (taxi fares are usually quite expensive in rural France ), so choose a tour
operator who includes the taxi transfer in the cost of the weekend.

Normally, a choice of bikes will be available, eg mountain bike, aluminium road bike,
carbon road bike, hybrid bike and perhaps a choice of electric bike too, when you
choose a professional to support your mini break.

Again, with a fully supported tour for your week-end, you can enjoy the many benefits
and support given by tour professionals.  Assistance should include route guidance, maps
and a welcome meeting, a safety and food pack,  puncture assistance  and all
those other little extras you may need.

Remember to take your mobile or smartphone, and of course the camera for those
special moments to record.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Far from the madding crowd - get away !

Cycling holidays can be a fantastic alternative to your traditional holiday plans- certainly this form
of holistic exercise is good for shaping most of the body, not just your legs.  Cycling can be a great
way to get fit or fitter, and is being encouraged more and more by health professionals and others
alike.  It is definitely the new buzz word/words doing the rounds at the moment.

There are a limited number of exclusive cycling tours and holidays in South West France and they
can be modelled to fit an individual needs and requirements.

Boasting 146 chateaux, the Gers with its 'bastide' hilltop villages remains largely unspoilt and uncommercialised.   This department is essentially one big unpolluted rural community, with little
in the way of industry per se.  They are truly in touch with the land here, and with its rolling hills of
sunflowers and Armagnac brandy vines, it is truly picturesque.  The sky at night when cloud free is a
sight to behold.  Very little light pollution , so you can see the Milky Way and often thousands upon
thousands of stars- without a telescope !!

Largely forgotten and unknown by many, the Gers provides a wonderful background for a relaxed
and enjoyable trip with its many quiet lanes, routes into the forest of the Landes and down south
to the Cols of the Pyrenees.   Often referred to as cycling nirvana by the locals.

Auch the capital city of the Gers, does not feel like the capital of anywhere!  It is a most delightful
little place, where you can indulge in the French way of life.  Wander the streets and boulevards stop
for a coffee and croisant or take lunch in the square.

Rich in culture and history, the 'Gers' will soothe your soul.  D'Artagnan (yes he did exist) orginates
from the little village of Lupiac, where medieval enactments take place in the summer.  The Lupiac
museum is worth a  visit too.  Henry IV features a lot here too.  A 'good' King he was one of the
most popular reigning monarchs, and his influence abounds in this region.

Go it alone on a cycling trip or opt for support and a professional tour ?   I am personally a big fan of
spending the night in a hotel or comfortable chateau after a long bike ride.   Nothing beats curling up in
a nice warm and cosy bed after a day in the saddle.  A hot bath or shower is worth any extra expense.
A luxury stay in a rural farmhouse or chateaux is a great choice and beats going it alone somewhere
anyday.  But, perhaps the most important of all, the chance to have full back up and support when out
cycling is the best reason to choose a professional tour operator.  If the cycling gets too much, a good
tour provider will come and rescue you and the bike to transport on to your next stay/hotel.  In addition
most tour operators  will offer lots of ancilliary activities for you to try to either invigorate or possibly
relax you too.   Lots of data on local amenities, including places of interest and restaurants,and if you
choose a 'hotel to hotel' experience, they will carry your bags.

So, go on take the plunge-start to make those plans for next year, make it the year you began your
very own journey and adventure into the world of cycling and cycling holidays.



Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cycling holidays in South West France

Cycling and walking holidays can be a fantastic alternative to your traditional vacation plans.
Ray Parker of french cycling adventures has been riding routes and  tours in the UK and France for
many years and now specialises in flexible cycling holidays in the South West of France and in
particular the department of the Gers and other adjoining departments, to include runs into the
'col's of the Pyrenees for all sportive riders, plus trips to the Atlantic coast and Bordeaux region
for those wine lovers.

To learn  about these trips and cycling holidays with accommodation, see the website:

There are a wide range of cycling and walking holidays available to choose from including rugged
mountain treks, tours of beautiful coast line and to the best the countryside has to offer.   The choice
available is not just about scenery but also physical difficulty.   Whatever your level of fitness, there is
a holiday that is right for you, and with french cycling adventures for example they can customize your tour to suit your individual and specific needs.

Hotels are very important after a day riding over hill and dale. Curling up in a nice warm bed after
day in the saddle is a feeling that can't be beat.  Taking a hot shower or bath each night to wash away the
days exertions  and being protected from the weather is usually worth the money.  Alternatively, of course
a luxury stay in a farmhouse or chateaux is wonderful, but you will need a dozen or more bikers together
to book this style of holiday, and certainly the freedom this type of holiday gives  you to explore and do your 'own thing' is brilliant.

A lot of cyclists prefer to bring their own bikes as they naturally plan to spend a lot of time in the saddle.
If you are set in your ways with regard to how you must have your bike set up, then the unknown of a bike
hire may be a risk you don't want to take.  Having said this,  with a choice of bikes, full carbon, alu frame
road bikes or hybrid cycles all of good quality and normally quite new with low mileages on the clock are
certainly available with frenchcyclingadventures.   Many are renewed each year/season, and maintained for
everyones convenience and comfort and sized to fit.

The Shimano derailleur road bikes and hybrid versions are fine for road tours.  Purist road racers may want
a lighter bicycle, so the trick is to certainly to choose what is right for you. In many cases hiring may be the best value for a holiday experience, as it can be a little difficult to bring your own bikes-although CYCLING
CLUBS may well be set up to transport there members bike almost anywhere.

Modern bikes are generally easy to maintain.  French cycling (32) adventures will maintain your bike and
generally look after you and your bike during your holiday.   A kit will be issued at the start of the holiday
to include spare inner tube and other  goodies.   The proprietors are always on hand to assist, and will
simply come and find you if you have a problem.. With a larger problem ( seldom arises ) they will simply
swap out the bike for another.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cycling for good health ?

Cycling-your chance to get fit -

Here are 7 reasons ( there are many more of course ) why you should take up cycling
so come on get off the sofa and take part - you know you want too !!

1   Cycling is a form of holistic exercise good for the whole body, it will sculpt
your upper body and arms, as well as of course your legs, thighs and it fortifies
the bones as well, helping to avoid problems like osteoathritus and other bone related diseases.

2.  Feeling a little jaded ?  Well then get on your bike.  A recent study has proven
that cycling increases energy levels by 20% and reduces your fatigue by 65 % !!
providing you just cycle moderately 3 times a week- no big deal then ?

3. Cycling will mean less stress to those  joints.   Your knees, ankles and spine
will take a brief holiday while you exercise on your bike !!

4. Heart disease ! - the number 1 killer in many western countries - if you bike
regularly it will normally lower your blood pressure and cholestrol levels, again
just 3 times a week of moderate cycling will do the trick - independant studies and
doctors support this information.

5. A 10 stone female cycling around 14 miles per hour pushes out around 480
calories in that hour !!

6. On hills, if you stand up to pedal, then you engage your core and tricep muscles
and collectively  provides a really good work out for the entire body.

7. Lots of people live around 5 miles from work.  Cycling just 2 days a week  to
work and back on say a 20 minute ride will loose you 3000 calories in a month !!
Wow !!

Soothe your soul and cycle this way !!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Considering a cycling holiday-but worried about overall fitness levels?


Many people who are new to cycling, are concerned about trying a cycling holiday for the
first time.  With reservations about roads, traffic,and the overall ability to sustain cycling
throughout the day, and again the next day, many beginners think it might be just too much.

BUT, there are holiday companies out there who will support you in this situation, and equally
there are cycling tours which allow you to say cycle one day or two, and then take a break for a
day before picking up again on your routes.  It is probably best to select a one centre style
holiday if you are new  to cycling, and then you can mix and match your outings, without
having to worry about getting to the next hotel to secure your accommodation, although some
operators will offer off-road tours ( VTT in france ) with low kilometre distances involved
each day, making it much easier to get to your next hotel.

It is important to have a decent base if you are new to cycling, and the ability to soak away
your efforts after a day in the saddle are a truly important feature of most cycling tours.

Here at 'french cycling adventures' we are passionate about cycling holidays,
and are particularly keen to provide a wide range of holidays to suit all levels of ability.
Used to off - road cycling  perhaps ?   Then you should consider our new 'Gers VTT' starting
in 2014.          Alternatively, your stay at the resort of 'Montreal du Gers' is suited to beginners
so you can truly mix and match your cycling  days to suit over the 1 week stay, with loads of extra
facilities included and the option to try other adventure sporting events in the region - e.g. -
paint balling , parascending , quad biking and driving a supercar etc.

A keen cyclist into road bikes and testing environments? -   then you should consider our stay at
Montreal du Gers too.  Competitive pricing with say 6 people who wish to train, OR, for larger numbers then the stay at a luxury chateau or farmhouse in 2014 should provide all that you need for a truly
memorable experience here in South West France.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Le Gers-

The 'Gers' is the best kept secret of south west France with its green rolling hills
scattered with oak and pine forest, interrupted by fields of yellow sunflowers and
vineyards dotted with cypress trees ( referred to by the locals as the 'Tuscanny of
It boasts 300 days of sunshine plus wonderful local food, wines and its famous
Armagnac brandy to be sampled at local fetes ( during the summer ) and at
markets ( all year round ).

Sleepy medieval hilltop bastide villages are to be found in abundance amidst very
beautiful and picturesque landscape views to include the distant mountains of the
Pyrenees to the south.   The region is steeped in history and is the birthplace of
the legendary d'Artagnan.

A relatively unspoilt and peaceful lifestyle - hard to find in todays fast paced life,
and pure 'nirvana' for cyclists.

You can experience this for yourself on one of our many adventure holidays @

Friday, 26 July 2013

Luxury cycling holiday ?


You can stay in a beautiful restored farmhouse/chateau set within its own grounds.  7 nights comfortable
accommodation.  Swimming pools, barbeques,games rooms, tennis courts are just some of the amenities
normally found.   Variety of different farmhouses and/or chateux starting from £385 per person per week.

Enjoy great regional foods and wines with a 'chef' included in this welcome break in

For all cycling clubs or organisations you can book this style of holiday with us and find
those quiet and wonderful vistas that are truly a joy to ride -  'Le Gers' in France.

1. A minimum of 15 persons are needed for this holiday.
2. July and August ( peak times) rates are higher per person
3.  Bike hire is not included in the basic cost - but of course you can bring your own bicycle
4.  Competitive rates for the hire of either an 'alloy' bike or the full 'carbon' high spec bike
are available+airport/taxi transfer if needed - see the website for more details.
5.  Full personal support, provision of routes and maps, welcome pack and cycle pack and more.

We are planning this holiday to be available for the 2014 holiday season commencing May 2014 from -


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